Choral Floral


Trumpet and trombone horns, brass, copper

145 x 120 x 40 cm

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Deconstructed and rebuilt, deformed, swollen and twisted – the sculptures of Anja MICHAELA are created from transformed music instruments. Animated by an invisible and powerful breath, they gained a mysterious new life. Troubled, the spectator is driven to imagine a distant music, a reminiscence of past, but also the potential of new undiscovered sounds.

Conceptual and poetic, her sculptures live their own life, have a real presence. Spectacular, baroque, sophisticated and exuberant, certain of them recall a fantastic bestiary; others suggest human figures or masks. They approach an idea of what one could call a beauty.

Several of exhibited works refer to a pure abstract art of the arabesque and therefore can visualize sounds transformed by a memory. One can find also at MICHAELA the influence of the more “organic” work of Eva Hesse and Rebecca Horn. The artist masters the contaminations between different mediums, which lead to engagement of all spectator’s senses: the sight, the touch and the hearing.

MICHAELA’s works exist in several temporal dimensions. Without making any sound, they attempt to visualize the invisible. As John Cage was saying, everything is music, even silence; you just need to listen carefully…

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